Blue Boa DE


Blue Boa DE is designed for the hygienist that prefers the traditional ¼” diameter saliva ejector. It eliminates heavy drag on wrist from short tubing, and attaches to the high volume suction. Used in conjunction with ¼” saliva ejector or our double sided suction mirror.  Autoclavable.   The DE can also be used with the curly hygoformics with an adapter (a cut piece of saliva ejector) It is the most versatile.  Currently we are on backorder- estimated ship date June 18th if ordered after 6/3/20, sorry for any inconvenience.

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Blue Boa suction adapter is designed to assist dental professionals with hands free, water and saliva evacuation that plugs into the high vac or with an adapter into the low vac.  This allows for a provider to have 2 saliva ejectors going at the same time.


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