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Otis Formeject

Otis Formeject

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Formeject Saliva Ejector is a formable white plastic tube with colored cushion tips that are attached to a vacuum supply to remove saliva from a dental field of operation. As of 7/12/22 we are on a 3 month backorder with the formejects only



The Otis Formeject is a white plastic tube that is readily formable, with a blue cushioned tip. The tip is especially designed to exclude mucous tissue during saliva extraction. Disposable–100 pcs/bag

As of 7/12/22 we are on a 3 month backorder with the Formejects only

1 review for Otis Formeject

  1. Natalie

    Really liked this one better than the hygoformic. The blue boa tubing hooks up to the high suction and the formeject fits nicely into the blue boa. I just bend the formeject like I would with a normal saliva ejector but its much more comfortable and suctions much better! Just wish it wasn't so pricey :/

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Blue Boa suction adapter is designed to assist dental professionals with hands free, high volume, water and saliva evacuation.
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